Real Estate Closing and More

Anyone who has bought or sold a home knows that it often is a long and complex closing process. The attorneys at Cray Law PLC are here to guide sellers and buyers through this arduous transaction. Even if you need to navigate different federal, state and municipal laws involved throughout the region, we strive to make it quicker and easier while still being efficient.

Often a person’s largest single investment is their home, and certainly the importance of property ownership started with this area’s original homestead farmers. But purchasers and sellers of commercial real estate can also realize tangible benefits by working closely with experienced local legal counsel.

Important Information about Our Laws

There are several unique elements to local real estate law that we are well-versed in:

  • Iowa homestead protection law: This enables homeowners to declare a portion of the equity in their home as a homestead, thus safe from creditors during bankruptcy.
  • Rental agreement law: Not only does this govern the rights of renters and landlords, it sets lease agreement terms and limits on security deposits.
  • Iowa adverse possession law: This allows those who live openly on and make improvements to a neglected piece of property to gain legal ownership of it.

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Helping Clients Understand Legal Documentation in Iowa

Cray Law PLC also has in-house abstract and title search companies for legal documentation of property. Instead of title insurance commonplace in other states, mortgage lender companies require a piece of property in Iowa to have an abstract that is a document showing the ownership for the last 40 years. The buyer is ultimately responsible for obtaining the abstract and title opinion, but the seller is responsible for updating it.

We Provide Clients a Full Range of Real Estate Services

The lawyers at Cray Law PLC provide a wide range of real estate and property law services to clients. These include:

  • Document preparation
  • Probate
  • Lien releases
  • Title reports and mini abstract
  • Title Opinions
  • Tax Releases
  • Payoffs
  • E- Recording

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